A Simple Cuelist Problem


I’m sure it’s something simple…

I have a cue list with 2 cues:

Cue 1: Follow 0s, Delay 2s, Fade 0s - Intensity 100% red 100% green 100% blue 100%
Cue 2: Follow 0s, Delay 2s, Fade 0s - Intensity 0% red 0% green 0% blue 0%

When I hit go for that cue, the exact opposite of what I expect to happen happens, Cue 1 is lights off, cue 2 is lights on…

Any clues as to what I’m doing wrong?


Don’t use Follow+ Delay, use Wait 2s, instead…

What happen is that Follow 0s means Cue 2 triggers at the exact same moment as Cue 1… This is why it seems inverted…

Also, there’s really no need to set both RGB+ Intensity at the same time… Set either Intensity, or RGB


Ok that’s got it, thanks!