An Edit mode button in cuelist value windows ?



Hi everybody, Hi Martin,
xcuse for my english, i’m a french speaking english :smiley:
I’m really thinking it will be so simple and faster to edits values in “cuelist values” window with keyboard (arrows, numerics, delete and enter touch). With just a button for activate an editing mode of this table (like this one for cuelists options in cuelist directory window).

I know method with commands for modify or detete values of cues but i don’t really like that and sometime i’got problem with it (one time i have loose time for delete FX of another fixture). In my advice it’ll be good to have many kinds for doing that. it’ll be nice when we have a lot a values to edit.

Tell me what do you think about
Have a nice day


Hi !

You mean to have an excel like edit mode for the programmer/cue window ?


Hi Sylvain,

i’m really talking about “cuelist values” window
this one : Cuelist Values
…and like you say if there will be an option for write in like an excel table it’ll be a good thing. That’s my opinion. Because i think it’s sometimes faster to click on few fixtures and delete or modify some parameters in a table than write it on command panel. i’m using also another lighting software and that possible to do it. When you have a lot of modifications to do, table is sometimes faster.

I think it’s good to have many ways for do one thing.

In a general point of vue i’m loving the interface the MP-C software, i like simplicity of this software… Except the “Cues” section who gives me some problems and what i think that’s missing a litlle bit of transversality beetwen some elements.


I have so well understood your point, that will be nice you’re right.
After, just run “Edit CUE X” and then from there you just have to use standard function to update the content, that’s not so complicate for my point of view.
Or moreover, if you used to use only preset to build your cues, update directly the preset and here you are =)


That’s well what i say. A sweet example.
Few days ago i program cue for using my fog machine with differents levels of use in a cuelist. In one of the cues (i was doing anything else at this same moment, bad idea) i do a mistake and i record into an FX of my sunstrips (without dimmer) and when i try to delete just this FX i have to do “edit cue” and my devices and go to FX commands to make all fx attributes @ 0. Finaly i have re-wrote the cue, but this one was really simple and not in relation with many other. I think it’s a long way for this kind of things. I do concert and theater and i’m always thinking when i have to adapt all cues of a show in many venues with many intensities and positions for my use of work the faster way is the table.


Why not use simply Clear and Touch FX box ? It will clear out all FX from the actual parameter, that’s quick ?

Edit cue; group X; Select Param (Intensity); maintain Clear and click on FX; Update