APC20 - Playback bank status indication w/MPC Tools


So I’ve been reading through the various discussions regarding the Ableton/APC units and LED indication.

I can get the LED’s for the main playback masters to work just fine. I’ve even been able to get a button to wink using the Clear command/status from M-PC.

But is it possible to get playback status from the playback banks? I can’t get it to work. I saw one post saying to put an additional cue in with a long fade time but that doesn’t seem to work.

Any suggestions?


Officialy MPC doesn’t support feedback from Playback buttons even with the use of MPC Tools. I described a method in this post. The basic idea is to setup your playback buttons as you want. You then copy the playback buttons to the MainPlayback banks. For example, all 100 buttons would fit in a 10x10 grid, of 10 mainplaybacks across 10 banks. Then each row of buttons on the controller is set to a different Device ID. Each row is then set to control a different bank. With the controller controlling the Mainplaybacks, you get the feedback control, and the playback buttons are actually just there as a reference.


Ok thanks I got it working, basically duplicating the same device multiple times with a different workspace and page.

But I guess there is no simple solution for the light going out once the cue completes since it transitions to the back button light? (Other than a 2nd cue with a really long time on it?)