Artnet Not working on Windows 8.1 Latest verson MPC



Hi There,

it used to work fine, i think some windows updates have been install, yet i can’t find KB4056892.

Yes artnet is enabled.
I can see the devices, just can’t use them.




I believe that specific update was for windows 10 machines. However there was also an update for windows 8.1.

I’d recommend uninstalling M-PC, restart, and run the clean up tool as admin, restart.

Then update windows. Restart, and check for updates again. Confirming that they all installed.

After that download current (3.70.885) MPC version and install.

You should regain your output of Art-Net.

Hope this helps,



There is no reason to uninstall M-PC at all to resolve this. Updating Windows to the latest patch is sufficient.



Just for your information, I had to follow that procedure to update 2 out of my 3 windows 10 MPC setups. Simply updating windows did not fully resolve my issues. I was also forced to go from 3.60.734 to 3.70.885 on those 2 machines at the same time as 3.60 would no longer work. So it might depend on what version he is coming from.



Well that is a different story, 3.60 was not supported on newer Versions of Windows.