Hello guys, I need some advice with Artnet.

I’m looking into buying a artnet node/dongle to use with M-pc, as far as I know, you receive 4 free universes with the software to use with artnet, we have used 2 universes max on our m-dmx so far, but i’d like to have my own dongle and would be nice to be able to use 4 universes,

What Artnet node/dongle would you recommend?
Something that won’t break my bank, and won’t fail on me after a week or 2.

Thank you in advance.


I’m lookint at using one of the choices in the photo to control lighting with, I’ve seen quite a few people talking about arnet, that’s why I’m thinking artnet too, but i’m no expert in using this, I’ve only worked with the usb devices.


ArtNet is a standard protocol… So as such any ArtNet node should do

ENTTEC, DMX King, Elation and Chauvet, are just few exmaples


Thank you @Ofer_Brum , I have had a long talk with @Sylvain_Guiblain and he has helped me out a lot, thank you for your advice and for your quick response



I have used Enttec, Elation, and Pathway Connectivity (DMX Mangaer Plus / Quattro). Just as @Ofer_Brum stated, ArtNet is a standard protocol. Another option to look into is also sACN. However, most nodes have the capability to do both.

Good luck, it’s a great decision to move towards. Just make sure to get a durable Cat 6 cable. A lot will be riding on it.



Thanks Watson, I’ve just got prices for some nodes now, I’ll let you know as soon as I get it and if I need help😁

Thank you.