Blackout button


Here’s a quick way, of creating a Blackout button to your setup.

This is useful, especially with M-Touch/M-Play, which does not have a Grand Master fader

  1. Add a Generic Channel
  2. Set that channel @ 0%, record as a Submaster cuelist
  3. Open Cuelist Options
  4. Enable Submaster is Swopable
  5. Set a button, as Swop

Also, please note that Grand Master button, can also be set, as Blackout, but currently can’t be assigned to any other button

Another method, is using M-PC Tools, which allows to set PC F-Key, as a Grand Master Flash

  1. Set Grand Master Flash key, to Blackout, as mentioned above
  2. Using MPC Tools, set an F-Key:
  • Button Down: Key, GrandMasterFlash. Behaviour: Hold
  • Button Up: Key, GrandMasterFlash. Behaviour: Release