Can I copy cues from one show to another


Good Morning,
I program our weekly services on a laptop using MPC and play the shows on a m2go controller.
I apparently didn’t backup last weeks show to bring home. Is there a way to copy or import a cuelist from one show to another? I will not have access to the controller until Saturday evening. I would rather program now and take cuelist with me to add to last weeks saved show. Thank you in advance.



At this point there is no way to copy cues from one show file to another.

Your two options are…

  1. program this weekends service at home and load the new show file.
  2. Wait and program on Saturday

One side comment. Not sure how you structure your services and show files, but in my situation, I’d program at home and use the new file. If most of the programming is done at home and only played back over the weekend, you might not loose that much. Or what you do “loose” might be easier to replace than waiting until Saturday.



My gut feeling was no way. We are reusing songs we have done in the past this week so I was able to copy to a new cue for this week. Shouldn’t take too long to recreate. Made changes to last week though and I forgot what they all were. I appreciate the quick response and hope you have a great weekend.



Another thought, if you have someone at the church that you could walk through the process over the phone. You could call them up and have them save the current file to a usb and email it to you.



Unfortunately it is packed on a truck. We have a satellite location of our church and everything is packed.
Meet in a school. Setup Saturday and pack up after service on Sunday. If you find yourself in Knoxville one Sunday and want to attend, let me know. thanks again