Cloning: Clone individual parameters only



In, cloning, an invaluable update would be if one could choose to clone only specific individual parameters, such as only pan/tilt or intensity values. That would be an awesome and versatile addition to the Cloning function.


+1 but I did find a workaround…separate perimeters by cloning master fixtures (with int/color/pan tilt) to dummy clone fixtures with only a color function, then another group only int function… and so on


Interesting idea, @Sylas

But that means you have to clone every fixture, twice…?


Well, that depends on the number of parameters you would like to clone huh, or you have dummy fixtures for all parameter combinations.

I love the idea and the work around! ++2. For cloning cues with multiple parameters the workaround can become complex I think?


correct, gets a bit complex, but i keep the clone groups ids gapped in the 10000 range and a dummy group for each preset type, and sub groups for pan tilt orientation. i now use the same show file for every gig


for sure…i found this workaround in necessity, could be used as a method to grab a single perimeter presets, and then target another group without overriding other perimeters. then delete dummy fixtures. if you need multiple perimeters…find a fixture with only those channels you need, and make that dummy fixture to target