Control M-PC using QLab and midi


I’m trying to control my M-PC software over an Ethernet Midi. I’m using RD/MPC tools and rtpMIDI to try and control the M-PC software on a windows computer using the QLab software on a Mac computer.
Has anyone ever tried this and is it even possible.


Search for rtpMIDI

I know it has been successfully used


Hi Ramanl,

you should have a try with MSC over rtpMidi. Qlab can send MSC. Just activate MSC in the Midi settings of M-PC. I trigger the cues in M-PC with MSC from a similar software like qLab (Show Cue System on PC).

Have a look at this post: [SOLVED] Triggering Cues via Midi commands (or alternative OSC) from another software on the same PC

I have used OS and iOS software to send Midi over network to different software on a Windows PC. Worked perfect for me. I did not yet send MSC commands over network with rtpMidi, but i presume it will work aswell.

If it works, please give a little feedback, so maybe i gonna use this with qLab in the future also.

thank you