Cuelist/Qblender fading options


Hi guys,

I have a question. In a cuelist you can set the fade mode. Currently there are 3 modes:

  • Default fade mode
  • Fade all channels
  • Snap all channels

Now this seems clear, but for me it isnt. Is there a way to see which channels are actually fading and snapping? Especially in Q-blender it is not clear as i figured that ‘Snap all channels’ doesnt work when tracking is ON.

In a perfect world I would like to have an interface where you can select which channel fades or snaps. (I can imagine that some channels are forced to snap, like FX mode).

What do you guys think?

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There are three fade modes.

  • Default Fade:All attributes in the cue will snap or fade as denoted in the Channel Visualizer.
  • Snap All Channels: All attributes in the cue snap. Fade times recorded into the cue will be overridden.
  • Fade All Channels All attributes fade using recorded cue timing, including those that snap by default.

Take a look here to set up a different fade time for a specific parameter in a cue:

This is how it looks like if you change a fade time of a certain parameter:

(color attributes have been set to a fade time of 0 seconds)



Ah thanks Kris, some homework :).

One more question though regarding q-blender. Lets say I have multiple effects (FX) in different cues and activated q-blender. By default the FX Swing/Sweep and FX Speed parameters fade. How can I ‘snap’ the FX Swing while ‘fading’ the FX Speed?


The best thing to do is to make sure all fades and snaps are programmed in each cue when the fader is in CUELIST mode. Then when all is working nicely as you want, change it to override with Q-Blender. That should do the trick. Please try it out and keep me posted :slight_smile:



You can see the attribute default Fade Mode here:


Yes i found it Ofer, but im not able to change it individually?

So for a single cue (just an example):

  • Fade over FX Speed (by default Fade)
  • Snap over FX Swing (by default Fade)

As far as I understand you can only fade all, snap all, or use default fading. How can I achieve that?


As far as I can see, you can’t apply individual Fade timing for FX attributes…

I think you can only achieve that by splitting the FX Swing to another cue with a 0 Fade time
Set that cue Trigger mode to Wait 0


Yes i was already thinking like that. As for Q-blender i just use a very narrow dmx range to snap. Thanks for the replies!



I have tested your solution, but it doesn’t work, the Q-Blender respect the channel personnality fade/snap.

If this something than can be fixed in next version?


I wonder if this is the same issue I’m having, because even with every cue in my cuelist set to ‘snap’ it always crossfades between cues when using Q-Blender. I’m using it to go between three intensity ‘chase’ effects, one is a snap intensity effect, the 2nd is a fade intensity effect, and the third is a ‘twinkle’ effect.

I need it to snap because when it fades between each it causes the different effects to not fully engage i.e. the snap chase doesn’t go all the way to black or the twinkle barely dims the fixture intensity.


Yes i was struggeling with the same. You need to add another cue in you cue list with a small dmx range.

So: cue 1=fx1 dmx level 0 to 33 % (fade)
Cue 2 = fx2 dmx level 33% to 34%. (Snap)
Cue 3 = fx2 dmx level 34 to 66% (fade)
Cue 4 = fx3 DMX level 66 to 67 (snap)
Cue 5 = fx3 dmx level 67 to 100 (fade)

For cue 3 and 5 you can add parameters to fade if you want. Maybe you need a cue 0 as well.

I admit it’s a dirty work around but I’m glad it works.