custom gobos



hi, can anyone tell me, is it possible to create my own customized gobos like… snowflakes or gift boxes , flowers or words like …happy birthday… like that … either in moving heads or through mpc software?



Do you mean to change Gobo picture on fixture profile? Or other thing that I did not understand?

For fixture profile you can use the fixture editor installed with mpc to perform Gobo picture change.


Are you asking if it’s possible in the software… Or if it’s possible to make gobo’s you put in your movingheads… Or both?



unless you have moving head projectors you will need to install physical gobo patterns
i use




Not sure where you are located but take a look at progobo.


OK that’s a pretty… Can we try custom gobos in MPC software without touching the hardware


Look at my reply, @zion

Can be done via Profile Editor