Hi all,

I’ve noticed that LAUNCHPAD S mididevice description says something like :
"The Status Byte and Note is already pre-set for each button. The user just needs to enter the velocity to set button color. "
What does it mean ? How do I get led feedback from PLAYBACK BUTTONS depending of there nature and status?
I’ve found a workaround via MAIN PLAYBACK. But if it’s possible with PLAYBACK BUTTONS I am much interessed!



I what I do is copy the same cuelist I have in the playbackbuttons in different banks in the mainplayback (I use 11 to 20, in this case from 11 to 18) … and each row add a mapping with different devicespace by assigning the bank default.

So you have in your case 9 files mapping.
One full of all buttons as playbackbuttons and one file per row with different devicespace and bank.
And I have yet to create a LUA file, so that if any playbackbutton change, I change everything automatically. The truth is that really helped me Ricardo Dias in the LUA file and a facebook group guy I settled the question of feedback.


When I built the Launchpad S template for MPC Tools, that is included with the program now, I set the Status Byte(the first two digits, and the midi note(the second two digits). All you have to do is modify the third two digits for the color you want.

Since the playback buttons don’t offer feedback, what @djzurdo suggested is a great way to go. When getting feedback from the mainplaybacks, you have two choices in which you have to choose from.

If your controller button is mapped to “Go” , you only receive led feedback while the cue is transitioning to a cue. Once the cue has finished, the feedback then comes from the Pause/Back button.

So I have my controller buttons set to the Pause/Back option so that I can see the cuelists that are actually active and then set a modifier key to access the Go button.


I came to the same workaround as you guys.
I was just wondering if new versions provide led feedback on playback buttons… Still not.

Thanks !


Unfortunately, the new versions don’t either.


just got a new Launchpad MK2 and didn’t figure out how to activte the feedback LEDs, except for the little opening sequins the buttons don’t light up at all

pls help!!!


Use the Search option. You’ll find a lot of useful info

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