i have m2pc console and m sync … i wanted to connect the m sync device to console and trigger timecode with external music devices synchronising with lights… can anybody help…


M-PC only receives Timecode signals via M-Sync, it will not transmit TC


Sir, I wanted to connect PYROS to M2PC console., and trigger PYROS with time code.,
What are the hardware and software requirements for it. Plz help.


Exactly my reply…

You can’t use M-PC to trigger other devices… You need to do so the other way around…

I don’t know what do you mean by PYROS… Pyrotechnic elements? A software called PYROS?

In regards to operating M-PC via Timecode, take a look at this video
M-PC TC trigger


yes pyrotechnic elements that is fire works either indoor or out door synchronize along with stage lighting ,
so is there any way to connect fireworks to martin console through MIDI or anything like that…


If the can be controlled by DMX, yes

MPC is DMX controller, not MIDI controller


So it means I have to patch my PYROS controller to software and operate via One of the universes?
So I don’t have to use mdmx or msync?


Unless your Pyro can be controlled via network DMX (ArtNet/ sACN), you will M-DMX (or ENTTEC USB, if a single DMX universe is all you need).

M-Sync is only needed, if you want to control M-PC via external Timecode device


Exactly… I want to use external time code device using my sync and SMPTE to which also I wanted to add PYROS so that the lights and fire works follow the music track with one touch of button…
But I need the circuit map to connect all these…
I mean the hardware requirements…


sir, can you tell what type of pyro technical elements are artnet enabled and will you update them in your fixture library so we can use them.?


i think you are confused. i would not recommend using pryo without a experienced technician that understands how to safely approach. that being said, your question does not make sense, most pyro cannons ive worked with are 2-3 channels, so use a generic profile. Can also request a fixture profile here https://www.martin.com/en-us/fixtures-request.