M-Touch DMX Output delay


Has anyone else experienced M-Touch DMX output delay or latency? The faders seem to work correctly but it takes a minute or two for the output to change.

I tried reinstalling the firmware. Using a fresh install of the latest version of M-PC.

Note, the problem appears intermittent. During the last show it worked fine. The show before that it worked fine up until around showtime, then there was a problem.

Update - perhaps a bad install. Maybe from malware found by Malwarebytes or from a the download (unlikely). Now M-PC won’t launch.

Getting a fresh download & trying again with the cleanup tool.

Using Windows 8.1, 64 bit.
Two universes. Enttec USB DMX Pro for universe 1, and M-Touch for Universe 2


Hello, has this been solved now? Can you verify that you also have this with the M-Touch connected to another PC?


Hi, is there a solution for this Problem? Today I have setup a show with Entwc USB Pro as Universe 1 and M-Touch as Universe 2. The output of M-Touch is delayed arround 0.5s to the Entec interface.

Regards Mario