M-Touch & M-Play questions about velocity buttons


Hi Everyone

I have just recently taken delivery of the M-Touch and M-Play.

I have played a little. And I have to be honest I am a little confused on these buttons. I was under the impression (perhaps incorrectly) that the additional velocity buttons such as on the bottom row of the M-Play could be used to drive a cuelist or subs. The cuelist part seems fine. However, the Sub part is where I am struggling. All I can get it to do is similar behaviour to a flash button. 0-100 in 0 time. I thought the harder one pushed, the higher it faded and thus the velocity of the push had, at some level, control over the speed.

Am I talking nonsense with this thinking? If so. Please let me know and perhaps some kind soul might let me know what IS possible with these buttons.

If I am correct, would someone be able to let me know how to activate this. I HAVE found the use Velocity as Flashvalue setting and used it. I see this controls the ultimate level the sub/whatever is assigned ends up at. But how do I control the SPEED that it get’s there?

Thanks in advance to everyone who can help!



As far as i know: No.

What you have found is all you can do wih them


Are the M-Play buttons more responsive? I’ve read that the M-Play buttons are different. I got the M-Touch for a club and am wondering if there could be an upgrade kit based on the M-Play buttons. Would that be practical?

What looks fascinating to me is the new MIDI protocal, MPE, which is expressive. It would be great to have expressive control, like an instrument.


Here’s what I noticed about the M-Play buttons when I reviewed it.

They are not necessarily more responsive, BUT they do give you more of a button press “feel”.

What do I mean?

You can press either the Touch or Play buttons with a soft press and your cue will fire. But when you press it on the Play, it “feels” more like a traditional key-button. So, for those of us used to traditional consoles, it feels “right” or “better”. It’s not a massive difference, but a nice tweak that feels right.


The buttons have the same electronics. What has changed is the hardness of the rubber itself.
M-Play is a little softer.
No upgrade kit is planned for M-Touch.


how about the forced pads , can i configure a pad velocity ?