M1-HD Windows Update, Random Lockups


Hey there!

We’ve recently purchased an M1-HD and to this point have never connected it to the network. Now, after getting it hooked up to use MAXNET, I’m getting the Windows 10 nagging about updating the OS on the console. Is this normal behavior? I thought updates would be blocked on something running the embedded version of Windows.

Also, I’ve been having random issues with the software on the console crashing randomly (ranging from “Martin Controller has stopped working” to all inputs on the console just ceasing to work. I reloaded the OS on the console yesterday and that may have fixed it, but figured I’d ask about that here as well since I haven’t seen any recent posts about issues.

I really don’t want to be caught with my dedicated console stuck updating Windows right before showtime. Is there anything that can be done to remedy this?




First time ever seeing anything like that… Console OS is a closed platform, a should never be asked for any update, as only way to update a console, is done manually

I’ve been working on M1HD since it was introduced to the Market, nearly a year a go. Solid console

Hopefully , the updated OS fixes the issues you where seeing


I am also having issues with my M1HD, I just came to the forum to complain about the same kind of thing. After windows decided to update, the contrast on the internal screen is set super high (NOT BRIGHTNESS), the mouse is laggy like the computer is processing a ton of crap in the background, and it corrupted my main show file. Really not a happy camper. Thank god I had a backup! I haven’t tried to reinstall the OS yet, guess I’m gonna have to. Wouldn’t really care except the screen is horrible to look at anymore and moving the trackball to do anything on my external screens is painful. Any insights?


What do you mean?? How can Windows update your console?


I was able to catch the prompt today while doing a bit of programming work.


Can you show us the System About info, at the top of that menu (software, OS, build)?

Is any network connected to the console?


Here you go!

The console is connected to an internet-connected network and is running the latest version of the M1 HD OS.


I may have found a potential workaround for this issue. It appears that automatic updates are not disabled in this build of M1 OS 10.0.14393.0 (a heavily customized version of Windows 10 Enterprise, from what I can tell). For now, I’ve edited the network settings manually to a static IP with no default gateway. Without a default gateway, the console isn’t able to find a route to the outside world, and therefore, cannot download any updates. MAXNET, OSC, etc. functions still work as the console has a valid IP address and can be communicated with on the local network. This configuration cannot be done from within the Martin software. You can use command prompt and the “netsh” command to do this.

I also dug into the local group policy editor and noticed that nothing was set up to inhibit Windows Update. Perhaps this can be remedied in a future build if it’s found to not be localized to just my console. I know Microsoft has been very “active” in pushing updates to Windows 10 based machines, so the group policies may not stick. Anyone have any thoughts?