M1 Playback-Section Freeze



Hi hivemind

I just had almost the same problem on two nights with my M1 console.
On the first night the playback section on the left side froze just before the gig started. Rebooted the console and everything worked perfectly for the rest of the night.
On the second night the main playback section froze, so I couldn’t use the faders and I also couldn’t change banks. It also wasn’t possible to change banks through the command or the touchscreen. After about 15 minutes of waiting, the faders responded again but I still couldn’t change banks.

The following two gigs took place without any problems.

I think it was the first time that we used our M1 console on a gig after the update. Could it be a software/install problem or might there be a hardware problem?

Thanks in advance for your time :slight_smile: