M6 Networking Question


I have an M6 as well as a MPC, and I’m feeding the Ether DMX network (sACN) and the Remote Network (Max Remote + MaxNet) network ports of both in to a VPN of a managed switch. There will also be a Wireless Router connected to the switch. The IP addresses of both consoles on the EtherDMX (sACN) of course is static and on a different 2.X.X.X IP range. The Remote Networks of both are set to DHCP with their IP address set by the router via DCHP reservations in the 1.X.X.X Sub range. I’m not a network specialist and wanted to ensure I’m doing this right… my concern I guess is that the Network cards on the M6 are separate and by plugging both into the same switch I won’t be creating a loop of any sort (bad) or that my router doesn’t decide to assign different IP addresses to anything connected to my VPN and I lose connectivity. Thoughts?


Hello Clayton,

I’m not considerate myself a network expert, but have done this (running both Remote & EtherDMX networks) via a switch, in my studio, with no issues

I would not recommend this, for live situation. This is also why Martin consoles has 2 network ports, so that DMX is isolated from other network activities

I’m not saying it will not work, just my personal recommendation

For live shows, I would run DMX over to stage via FOH network system, and connect both consoles directly, via their Remote ports, for Master\Slave backup

I understand this is more challenging, using a PC with a single network card (others have used USB based network cards, to solve this).

And another point, no need for an IP 2.x.x.x, for running sACN,as unlike ArtNet, it can run on any IP


Thanks Ofer. I’ve installed a 2nd network adapter on the PC using on of those USB3.0 to Gigabit adapters to use for the remote network…the internal Ethernet adapter being used for sACN. I have a pair of carrier grade managed switches connected by fiber (bandwidth for days!). One switch is in the booth with me, the other is on the other side of the building. My IT guys have given me an isolated VPN on ports 1-8 to use as I wish…the primary purpose of course is to connect a pair of nodes on the other end. It would also be nice however to be able to connect a slaved MPC over MaxNet and/or router w/ MaxRemote on iPad over there as I can’t actually see any of those fixtures from the booth. I can always disconnect for a live situation…just trying to identify what specific issues could possibly come up…



You are on the right path. At my facility the sACN comes out of my console and goes into a switch that distributes it throughout the main room. It is isolated at the moment. The Max remote goes into the IT guys network facility wide with a dedicated IP range for all of our production / technical gear. I have two options. Option one is to plug into the technical network directly and then I can use MPC as a slave to my Compact, while letting the Compact still send out sACN. Option two is, that the IT guys have created a “virtual” machine. I can plug into any regular Ethernet jack (or remote in from home) and use this “virtual” machine as an MPC slave, again controlling the compact that is sending out sACN. The “virtual” machine is “on” both networks via some IT VLAN tagging. We are in the process of working out a solution that will allow me to tie directly to the sACN network without having to “slave” a machine, but that is long term.

On the MAX remote side. The IT guys have again used their brain power and some VLAN tagging to tie the production / technical network to a dedicated SSID that is hidden and password protected to allow us to use the remotes (or our laptops on wifi). Our facility “hot spots / access points” are hosting several different SSID’s, so again, I can go anywhere and still get to the console.

As a side note, we usually only use this as focus assists and general work / programming. In live situations, I too, like to be plugged in. One thing I have learned. Treat your IT guys nice. Work with them, explain what you’d like to do and ask for their help. I also have some switches with “ports 1-8” to do whatever, but when you work with them, they will hopefully open it up to some VPN connections and VLAN tags that will allow you to do way more and be more secure, than only switch to switch. Also, we don’t have an internet connection on the Technical / production equipment side. This helps keep things from getting messed up, or updated accidentally causing bigger problems. In our situation, we asked IT to not allow the access, since we could update things with USB drives or laptops when plugged into regular jacks under our control. Just a starting point for us, we might change that later, but it has been working wonderfully for now.

In regards to only one NIC card (like in a laptop), we found out that when we VLAN tagged a PC, MPC would not work on the VLAN tag side, it had to be on the “non-tagged” side. Maybe @Martin_Controller, can confirm this. In our situation IT wanted to be on the “normal” side and the technical / production on the tagged. We have not had a chance to try it the other way. However, it sounds like you are using a USB to network adapter. So that might not be an issue for you.

Sorry for this being long. Just wanted to let you know, what we’ve learned and how we are setup. Hope this helps.