Maxxyz Compact Installation Error Code 1060


I have a Maxxyz Compact currently on V 2.9… My IT and I are attempting to update it to 3.60.733. We are not using a retrofit kit, and licensing is not an issue. We have our own RAM installed that works magically, and a drive we’re trying to get working. We have tried many things, and have had much progress. The DVD is correct, based from Marion Hall, the Martin specialist down in Florida. The DVD will boot, and begin installation. Very shortly after, the process stops and an error code appears: 1060; “The specified service does not exist as an installed service”. Marion says it’s either the DVD, the DVD drive, or the SSD we got. Multiple DVDs show the same results, the DVD drive works because we tested by putting the files straight on the drive, and same results. We think the SSD may have gone bad, so we will be trying a new one soon. For now, we still don’t understand what the code means, and google searches didn’t seem specific enough. We still have our old drive with the 2.9 software, so we’re not super time-sensitive. Please ask any questions, we’ll answer to the best of our abilities.
P.S. We also wouldn’t mind if anyone wanted to clone their up-to-date ssd to ours, because that would just be a one-and-done :wink: