Merging og shows



I have a customer that have clubs i different countries and I have identical show setup with same fixtures and all. The want to have the show updated with new cues some times and without the cost of me traveling to all locations. I can make the show in my office with 3D but the position preset is not the same since the clubs setup does vary.

Is there any solution to this? Merging would do it but since there is no function like that I am hoping on some help here.


Hi, I have 2 clubs I program remotely. I use “TeamViewer” and request a live video feed of floor so I can arrange my 3D fixtures in correct layout/orientation. After that, I do a quick preset run thru with local technician, or board op to confirm everything is looking good and tight.


Hi, guess I have to set it all up in 3D then. Just a lot of extra work and not so accurate but it will do.