MPC Rookie trying to figure out timecode cuelist issue.



I have been using QLC+ for several years, doing pre-programmed timed chases and embedding chases inside of the main time triggered chase. I have added several new lights, and an M-Play to my setup so that I can take the show to the next level. I have set up several chases that have BPM set specific to the song I am programming for, as well as several presets, so I can quickly set up a scene and record it as a cue. That is all working.

So I created a Timecode playlist using internal timecode, I have my timecode triggers set, but now I want to call a chase CL that I have created. So I set a macro to trigger that chase, that works, I just had to set my intensity levels in the cue where the macro lives. All good. once that chase gets called no other cues in my timecode CL activate when the timecode hits the specified value, and I am stuck in that chase? I know I am new, but don’t know if I should be accomplishing this some other way, ie, taking all the cues and timing from the chase and stacking them in my timcode CL?



It seems like your Chase is using the same attributes, as your TC Cuelist, making it Auto Released…

Set your TC Cuelist, to Stay Alive