MPCTools loosing MIDI connection



Hi there,
I made a little search but I found nothing.

I use two MIDI controllers: a Launchpad S and a Launch Control XL. The last one have two profiles on MPCTools, the first to control bank1 with the faders, the second to control bank2 with a row of knobs.

At start everything works always fine. Often, after some time, the Lauch Control goes off. It stay powered (led and everything) but MPCTools says “Could not connect to MIDI Device “LaunchcontrolXL” input”.

The error is for one profile but the second doesn’t work too.

Any suggestions?



This is usually caused by intermittent connection - and this can have many different sources.
My first suggestion is: please try with a different USB cable. Also check if the connectors aren’t loose.

Best regards,
Ricardo Dias


Thank you, I’ll try another cable and let you know!


I can’t believe you are right… I tought what the problem was for so long because the cable was almost brand new… Thank you very very much!