Presets and Cues - How to Build the cues?


Hi everyone,

I have a question about how i build my cuelist from Presets. As far as i know and i am doing right now, i build up my cuelist cues from the Presets. Every cue gets its data from a preset. If one cue is needed a second or thirt time, it stays the same if its data is coming from the preset.

So if i change the preset, one or more Cues are changed aswell. This is good. Perfect.

If i am in a new venue. Most of the lights there aren‘t the same. So i have the change the fixtures and edit my presets. This is also normal and as expected.

And now the Problem:
I changed the presets in the new venue because of the new fixtures. But the Cues in the cuelist (wich are already exist) are not getting the whole data from the preset. If i have added a new fixture, updated (via record) the preset, it is still missing in the cue.

What am i doing wrong?

Do i have do Update every cue in my cuelist aswell? I thought presets are exactly therefor.

Thanks alot


Preset will never change the initial cue data structure… This means, if a Preset has been added additional attributes, these attribute will never be added to your cues.

Example: You initial show used an RGB LEDs, than color presets, added a White values. Your cues will not change their structure, adding White to every cue…

If this is the case, you will need to manually update the required cues, with the revised preset (s)


Hey Jena,

Just curious, are you actually changing the type or are you cloning?

Take a look at the following post and link. See if this helps.

Hope this helps,



Hmmm i understand. I thought a cue is always getting the whole data from a preset. So i really have to update every cue in my cuelist aswell. There are up to 150 cues. Maybe in the Future more in other Shows. That is alot to do then before every Show in a new venue. Does not really make Sense to me, but maybe i am not understanding it correctly or maybe there is a better way.

I do delete unused fixtures or create new. For example in a new venue there are no conventionell PAR64 and i have to use LED PAR with 3ch or more, i have to create this fixtures new. Than i update my presets. But in the cuelist there is nothing to see from the changed. So now i have to update the cues aswell. Is there a better way to do this? It is awful alot to do.


No need to do this per every venue…

As per my example above, when the revised preset, was used in the new show, by updating each, cue, your cues now contains this extra data… So next show you don’t have to repeat this…

Also, M-Series is Tracking based cuelist, so really no need to add the data to every cue… Once added to the 1st cue, the new data will track through…



Why do you feel the need to delete fixtures or create new every time? Why not create them once and then just unpatch what you don’t need. Then the data is still there. When you need them again just patch them back in. Then you can have fixture data already in the cue and it’s teady to bet cloned when needed. I don’t use this as much as others so @Ofer_Brum might be able to speak into if this is better or not.



Is there an articel about this Tracking based cue behaviour? Or maybe an explanation? I need to understand this more.

I deleted the fixtures because of the enourmous amount of fixtures i will have othervise. I did try to unpatch them at the beginning, but at some time it got confusing in the Patch and in the 2Dmap.

Maybe i should try to get used to it by playing more around.

Suggestion: maybe it is possible to have Switch in the Options of each cuelist where one can change to „Fetch all Preset Data“ from wich the cue is created. So even after a change of presets, all assigned cues get the real preset data. Just as option.

Or maybe it is a stupid idea.

I have to Look more into this confusing behavior.
Thanks in advance!



Here is some information on tracking. In short, it’s only recording what you change. I’d recommend reading the first couple of articles that was returned in the search result.

In regards to the fixtures and un-patching them…I understand your concern for large amounts of fixtures and them being confusing on the 2D plan. My suggestion there is to organize them with pages and layers and then just turning off the layers you don’t need. Again, I’d have to suggest following the post on cloning the show.

You might be able to build a base show file with some generic dimmers, RGB(WAU) pars, and a few moving heads (washes, spots, beams) and then clone the venue’s fixtures to that file. After cloning the venue fixtures in, you can check the cues and update as needed, allowing the tracking to work from there.

Hope this helps,