Radio Interference on M-Touch


Had an “Interesting” experience last week with my M-Touch.
Pretty standard tech booth setup running things for an Oscar pre-party and just as we were about to start the show, my board starts freaking out.
Faders are jumping around randomly, and even had a “save show” dialog and window pop up a few times.
Perfect for “Places, 1 Minute to GO”
I ran a white knuckle show, switching banks so that nothing was active for most of the time between cues and made it through without anything more than a minor blip that happened in a transition, so it looked like it was on purpose.
Testing after the show confirmed…anytime I hit transmit on the Motorola radio anywhere near the board, it would cause the M-Touch to glitch.
Usually just faders jumping up or down, messing with my inhibitives and overrides, but that once every light on the board lit up for a spit second and then wend out…all cues released and all faders at 0.
It was a good spot to have a momentary blackout, but certainly didn’t help my nerves.
Anybody had this happen before or know how I can keep it from happening again, other than no radios less than 5’ from my console?
Stage manager was calling the show right next to me and had her radio on the table about 1.5-2’ from my board.
To test I held a radio right next to it and keyed the mic several times.
Sure, I know getting Clearcomms is the best way, but that wasn’t my call (or budget)


are you using the original USB cable that came with the M-Touch?


Yes, using the original USB supplied by Martin.


location of the radio never changes, but the spot that causes the most interference does.If you touch the antenna, then you are changing the tuning and gain of the antenna just by the electrical characteristics of your body. RF Touch lamps are RF-operated devices and in case of having issues related to the powerpoint than go to the MS PowerPoint Customer Support and you will get answer.


Regardless of cable Etc I would argue this is an issue with the radio equipment more than your issue with the m touch. There are strict guidelines on radio sounds like something is out of spec.