Sending MIDI to Qlab


I can’t find the answer in existing posts, so i have two questions:

  • On M2GO we are running a show with 100+ lighting cues from one cuelist.
    Now we trigger some sound effects that are in a Qlab computer.
    I installed the optional MIDI cart in the M2GO, but it looks like it can not create outgoing MIDI.
    Can somebody confirm that?

  • In the other way around, when sending midi signal from Qlab to M2GO it just triggers the next que, not a specific que number. Or is there a solution to do that cue number specific?

But we prefer to trigger from de light board because that is our main cue list.

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You can only send MSC (MIDI Show Control) messages, from the console

This data will also include Cue #
MSC.pdf (388.6 KB)


An alternative is to use MPCTools to do both:

  • Outgoing MIDI from M-PC
    You can use External Macros to trigger LUA scripts in MPCTools. Inside the LUA script you can trigger MIDI outputs. Add an external macro number 1 to your cue and create a ExternalMacro1.lua in the MPCTools Scripts folder. When the external macro in M-PC is triggered, that LUA script will be executed.
    Inside that LUA script you can have the following command:
    MidiSetControl("MyDeviceName", "Button 01", 255)
    You must have connected to a MIDI device which you named “MyDeviceName”. This MIDI device can be a virtual device with QLab is listening to.

  • Trigger M-PC cue
    Also using LUA script, you can emulate the input of a sequence of hard keys. To trigger a specific cue, you need 3 steps:

    1. Select the target cuelist - SelectCuelist(34) for cuelist number 34
    2. Hit key ‘Cue’ - Key("Cue")
    3. Hit the cue number on the keypad - Key("Num1"); Key("Num2") for cue 12
    4. Hit eneter - Key(“Enter”)

Hope this helps.

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Ricardo Dias


Can you discribe where i can place the MSC message in the light cue? does it work via MIDIMACRO or do i have to type a command like in GMA2?