Slower chases


I wish the chases could go slower, much slower.


+1 I regularly find myself annoyed when I try to slow a chase down in a slow intro and build up to a drop. It only goes so slow and that is quite frustrating. I also wish that the button would behave differently. When I’m tapping the chase stack, select that tap speed as the tempo rather than switching cues at each tap. The fact that if I tap a milisecond after the cue fires it switches cues and selects hyperspeed as the new chase tempo is one of the most frustrating quirks of m series platform.

Attached is a video showing the issue. It jumps up and speed once but Near the end of the video is when it goes to hyperspeed keep your eye on the chase stack cue counter


hey overwatch…what kind of screen are you using?
that could be a moisture issue due to club environment, or finger.
when you get a chance cross test with mouse.


Many. I have this issue in 4 venues plus my mobile MPC Rig my M6 and my M1. Mouse has same issue. It’s been like this for at least 2 years. Chases have been glitchy since I started using m series.


That’s odd… I also program for multiple venues and 2 of the clubs are extremely chase focused…def no glitches on my end.


Use regular Cuelist type and set the Trigger to Follow at the number of seconds do you want between each cue. You can go super slow, up to 1 hour between cues…


The purpose of a chase is to sync it to the music. So, to tap sync and then divide, so it’s roughly with the beat. The goal is to achieve a quick way to get it changing with the beat but slower.


Then, add a dummy cue between each step, and tap the beat button twice the speed you want to achieve.
Or you can even add more dummy cues between steps, like further iterations if not slow enough…

It’s a bulky workaround, but it works.


And dummy fixtures to the FX engine too. Yes, I agree. Those are great ideas.