[SOLVED] Triggering Cues via Midi commands (or alternative OSC) from another software on the same PC


Hello and good afternoon,

i am trying some time now to trigger cues in my cuelist directly via Midi commands. The Midi commands are send by another software called Show Cue System (SCS) on the same computer. The Midi Commands are transmitted via MidiLoop, a software to transmit Midi in between programs. Maybe there is a better solution to achieve this (OSC?), i am just at the beginning to use M-PC. It is just important to have both programs (M-PC & SCS) running on the same computer.

The cuelist has a Midimacro for every Cue so far.

M-PC is getting the Midi commands as show in this picture.

The Midi trigger setup in SCS can be seen here

The problem is, that i am not able to trigger the cues directly in M-PC. Each Midi cue i sent from SCS, M-PC behaves just like i would press the GO button. So i am not able to trigger cues directly. If i jump forward in my cuelist in SCS, only the next cue in M-PC is triggered and not the corresponding one to the Midi command.

I hope it is understandable what the problem is, because english is not my native language.

How can i achieve this to trigger cues in M-PC directly with SCS from the same PC. Is it possible with Midi or should i use OSC witch is SCS able to send aswell.

thanks in advance for your help!



You did everything correctly. Unfortunately, MIDI GO command, currently cannot specify a Cue number… So indeed, you can only GO, to the next cue…

Maybe this can be done, using MPC Tools, or MSC… Not sure…



With MPC Tools Lua scripting you can use, SelectCuelist(), Key(“Cue”), Key(“NumX”) which would select the cuelist, and the specific cue, and then the next go should enable that cue.


Hi, thank you all for your help! I can trigger the cues directly with MSC. First step is to enable the MSC in the settings of M-PC.

And after that you can send the MSC commands from SCS or other software.

thank you all

PS. i guess it should be possible with OSC aswell, but i am not sure what the commands are and if it is possible within 1 PC.


Thank you for sharing your findings on this matter, and Good Luck on your show!

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