some questions about m2pc


Hello everybody,

  • Does it come with 2 or 4 physical dmx out ? not optional, but real hardware out of it.
  • Can one of these outputs be used as a dmx in, to use a remote lighting desk ? I’ve been searching imho ALL the informations on internet about this, but there’s no much. I’ve read that we can use the channels from another desk to control either a fixture, a group, or an playback, right ? So can I configure it to have my external desk controling playback bank 10 ie ?

I’m thinking about buying a m2pc, I like my m-touch, but I’m fed up with using mouse for some functions that I miss on it. I have been thinking of buying an X-keys, but I want the faster way to get ready to play, without a lots of usb cables all around my desk… So the last question would be :

  • You, Owner of the m2pc, would you recommend it in 2017 ? And what about the compatibility with the incoming m-pc software releases ?

Thank you all !



Starting 2017, M2PC units comes equipped with 4 physical connectors

Yes. Each connector can be set as DMX In, or any Output port (1-64), so, if needed, you can use it as a DMX splitter, setting, for example connector 1+2 as DMX Out 1

Yes. You can use any DMX controller, via M2PC DMX-In port, to control any desired cuelist, in your show, or directly control fixture Intensities

M2PC is surely supported in future builds, as it uses the same hardware of all current consoles


Thank you Ofer for your quick and precise answer, as always !
Just to be sure, as there is not a dmx-in connector on the M2PC, I can use a dmx out, with an inverted cable, right ?



Use Male to Male adapter


So after few days I went for a brand new M2PC, cause I have had all my doubts being answered by Ofer…[quote=“Ofer_Brum, post:2, topic:3630”]
Starting 2017, M2PC units comes equipped with 4 physical connectors
We’re in 2017, and the unit I received today has only 2… Why ? I absolutly need 4 (2 universes, and one dmx-in).
What can be done?



Please contact @Kris

He should be able, to help you out


Hi Guix,
Where did you bought the M2PC? It was probably a model that was build before 2017. But no worries, please ask your dealer to request an add-on DMX PCB via the warranty claim system. Make sure he fills in the serial number and a copy of your invoice so I can see that it has been bought in 2017. I will then accept the claim for an add on DMX PCB.

I hope this helps.


Hello Kris,
I just sent you a mail.
Thank you !