Starting/Stoping Cue Lists via Midi from Sonar


Hi all,

I’m new to M-PC and have had a look around but can only find minimal information on this.

I have a bunch of cuelists, a few for each song (intro, chorus, verse etc). I am running midi through Sonar, with a dedicated midi track talking to M-PC via LoopBE1, then creating a blank cuelist, and using midi macros I can get it to start and stop a cuelist, however there is a maybe half second delay. I have the macro cuelist set for each cue to follow with wait 0, delay 0, and fade 0, with about 20 midi macros listening for particular notes to start and stop specific cuelists. Could all of these cues in the blank cuelist containing the macros looping constantly be slowing things down? Is there a better way to go about this?



Instead of MIDI Macros, try using MPC Tools


I did try that but I seem to get stuck at the “press the ‘new’ button”… it won’t let me. This is from the directions here:

I’ll have another play tomorrow.


Yep, MPCTools is much better!