I’ve been using MPC since 2014 and have grown to love the usability of the software.

Here are some ideas I had to make the software better;

  1. The ability to change the Layout Settings for Pop-up Windows.
    For instance, I have all my groups and presets throughout mpc laid out so they are easily identifiable in a 10 column structure. I also have my function Keys assigned to popup ‘fixture center’ and ‘preset’ windows. Unfortunately the pop up windows populate in 15 columns and you can not change it. This makes finding groups and preset more difficult.

  2. Chase Global Rate with Cuelist Speed.

When I have a chase, I usually like to set it to Global Rate. Unfortunately when you set a Chase to ‘Global Rate’, manipulating ‘selected Cuelist Speed’ does not work as anticipated. Being a drummer, I would expect that by setting it to a Global Rate of 120bpm, and a Selected Cuelist Speed of 400%, it would go 480bpm. That is not the case. THIS DOES AS EXPECTED WORK BY DIRECTLY ENTERING THE BPM INTO THE CUELIST OPTIONS. I do not prefer this method, for several reasons;

  • It takes too long when busking with fast paced bands that have tempo variations
  • You would have to change all your cuelists individually every song, versus having to change ONE function (The Beat Button)

Being able to link ‘Global Rate’ Linked Chases with ‘Selected Cuelist Speed’ would be an additional feature to the abiity to divide and multiple the Global Rate x 2, because dividing and multiplynig the Global Rate by 2 CHANGES ALL CUELISTS by that speed.

What if I want to make one cuelist hit on the Bass Drum on the 1, every 4 beats, while another would hit every single beat. The fastest and easiest way to do that on the fly with the least amount of steps, is what I am proposing.

Another issue I am running into is the maximum bpm you can set a cuelist is to 600bpm. I work for very fast paced bands, where I have chases with 8-10 intensity steps, that I need to execute in the matter ONE BEAT. The tempo on these songs is variable, and I want it to be be perfect. Lets say they are playing at 180 bpm and I need to execute an 8 step cue. To achieve this I currently would either have to set the rate to 1440bpm(180bpm x 8 steps/beat) which isn’t allowed, or to quickly tap tempo the song, determine the bpm, enter it into the cuelist options window, and have already set the Selected Cuelist Speed @ 800%. With the current method I have to go into the cuelist option window and type in an amout for every song, which is wasting precious busking seconds, and by that time, the moment has gone and passed. With the Method I propose it would be linked to the global rate, so all I would have to do is set the selected cuelist speed permanently to 800%, tap tempo the song and EXECUTE THE CHASE EXACTLY AT THE RIGHHT MOMENT WITHOUT ANY FIDDLING AROUND! GENIUS!

pardon all my caps lock

.3. Be able to Make the Global Rate Divide by 2 and Muliply x 2 assignable to function keys. For easier pressing on the fly. This would augment buskability and enhance what I mentioned in #2. Being a drummer, this is what I feel is the natural thing, to be able to on the fly with one swift hit of a TANGIBLE BUTTON go from Half Time to Double Time on the Fly on a moments notice

or at the very least, enterable not from 0-1000 rate, but by BPM like Cuelist Options

Despite my ciriticisms, MPC Rocks.
Thank you for your AWESOME PRODUCT


Good ideas! Number 4 is my favorite. Tap Tempo into effects is really needed badly! Preferably separate from the Global BPM so you are not locked into having only one BPM but the possibility of having a separate BPM per playback like we do with chases.


I post to say I have the same Vin’s necessities.
I love Martin MPC a lot, but it seems strange to me how those things are missing. First of all the possibility to set a cue’s moltiplier on the Global rate.


I would like that but would also like to group cuelists to a speed/rate master Override, each with a customizable multiplier ratio - easily adjustable while busking.

The Global Rate doesn’t have exceptions, AFAIK, either. I’d like to specify which cuelists aren’t affected by the global rate.


Agree with pretty much all the above. Some of the omissions in M-PC are very odd. It would nice to have proporitional speed control for fx… Right now your only way is to use an override which doesn’t account for different FX needing different speeds. In another software I can give each movement effect its own rate and then use then set the rate for all the cues in that list. I use the effects on rate to make sure the top of the fader is the fastest I’d ever want each effect and this way I can balance it out nicely.