[SUGGESTION] How to input the fade command in the commandline


Hi and good evening,

Is it possible to change the fadetime of a cue just with the commandline? The only possibility i know was to mouse*click in the fade time column of the cuelist and than change it by typing 2 / 4 ENTER.

For example here http://controllersupport.martin.com/Content/Manual/Commandline/Commandline_Reference.htm under Fade:

FADE Intensity 2 / 4 ENTER

How do i type this in the commandline if i want to change the fadetime of cue x? The goal is to just use the shortcuts of the keyboard.



Cue Timing can only be applied directly from the Selected Cuelist view

Individual attribute timing can be given via Command Line, using the Fade\Delay keys


thank you ofer,

so it is not possible to change the cue timing by command line commands, even if i am in the selected cuelist view.

i can change it, if i click and change the fade time settings of a cue directly in the fade column of the selected cuelist view.

the individual attribute timing is a very powerful feature. love it already.

thank you and have a nice evening


Its a good suggestion and planned to improve the direct command options for such items like fade, trigger etc


nice to hear! thank you aswell very much matthias!