Timecode from audio source



I am currently trying to get timecode from a computer that has a workout software and that software can play “music” My plan was to have timecode track on this so sync with my duelist. Anyone here has a good suggestion on how to get this info m-PC on a different computer?


If the audio Player is able to send MTC (Midi Time Code), than you should have a look into a software called rtpMIDI (Midi over IP). This will work well together.

PC1 (Audio + MTC) > rtpMIDI over IP > PC2 (M-PC)


I am using the audio player to play a timecode track not music. The player can not do anything but play a track. So I need to “translate” that into LTC that M-PC can read


I don‘t think that M-PC supports LTC directly. So you have to change the TC source to MTC or if not possible convert with an external hardware from LTC to MTC. MOTU Timepiece should be able to do that. Another possibility would be the following software.


That should be the cheapest and easiest way i know at the moment.


I got it working doing it with LTC reader/converter and then I used a MOTU midi USB and linked out to in.