Update with Merge capability?


Would it be possible to have a new feature where Update button can merge?

i.e. I have a color preset that has RGB in it, so I edit -> preset -> adjust amber and white and if I Update the console dumps the amber and white because it only updates parameters that currently exist. So you have to Record -> Merge

Why not have an option to turn on menu for Update where much like using Record it gives you the option to update existing or merge new parameters.

My problem with the Record method is if you have changed screens now you have to go back and find the preset you were working on, extra steps and it’s possible to make an error, i.e. recording/merging into the wrong preset.

This new method prevents the opportunity for error.


Also as a side note I find it unusual that if you’re editing a cue and ‘add’ additional information/fixtures to the cue and hit update it DOES merge that information into the cue.

However if you update a preset with additional/new information it does NOT merge that information.

To me this is an inconsistent workflow and is confusing. To me it’s much more rational that if edit a preset and add additional information it should automatically merge that information when you hit update, just like cues.


That is intentional and is based on wishes from the original user group that helped define the Maxxyz.

The reason is that often for editing presets like pan/tilt on a concert tour you bring up fixtures at full / blue into the programmer, then step through it and adjust them. Now you are happy with the focus and hit update. the full and cmy info would be stored into the preset.
Next you are programming a cue and you hit the preset. All fixtures would now go to blue and full, removing your current intensity and color choices, but you really didn’t intend that. You only wanted the pan/tilt info in the preset.

There is a better way to solve this probably, something to think about at some point, as it is not consistent, but for good reasons.
You will find that lighting consoles in general are not always consistent and their behavior is more driven by real world use than 100% following a strict rule set.


Thanks, yes I understand the example you’re using as I do the same thing sometimes but I guess maybe I don’t understand the recording/update behavior in the M-Series properly.

I was under the impression that when you initially record a P&T preset the software only stores P&T unless highlight/select other parameters to be stored when recording such as color, gobo, beam FX, etc. Is this not the case?

So my request is based on such behavior, so if I’ve recorded a P&T preset and then I edit a P&T preset even if I touch color, gobo, etc. shouldn’t the software ignore those unless I override the default parameter masking and only update P&T settings (including additional/new P&T settings) ?




So I just tested this and confirmed this, so if I take a fixture and modify intensity, p&t, color, gobo and hit record to a P&T preset and of course it only stored the pan & tilt parameters because I did not activate the color gobo and intensity filters/masks

So it seems to me when editing a P&T preset the behavior should be the exact same, if I hit edit adjust P&T and adjust other parameters (i.e. color, intensity as you suggested) when I hit update it should only save P&T including P&T for additional (new) fixtures I might have touched during the edit.

Now to cover all bases it would be a nice feature to pop up a window like the initial record where I could adjust the parameter filter in case I did want to add color or intensity but realistically I would do that via record -> merge vs. update.