USB to DMX not working with M-PC (mid load-in)



Trying to help someone over the phone while they’re setting up an event in Sweden. I am in the UK so do not have anything other than my own software in front of me, and they are a new M-PC user.

Installed M-PC on a Windows 10 laptop (all up to date). Software installs (v3.70.855) but the USB to DMX will not output anything.

The software can see the Martin USB2DMX (Rev. B), but in routing it says that Ports 1-4 are unavailable.
Used M-PC Clean, uninstalled everything, reinstalled including drivers, even done the same on an up to date Windows 7 laptop, and still getting the same.

Checked the firmware on the USB dongle and it did need an update, but it is still not working on either machine after updating the firmware.

The LEDs on the USB2DMX are showing 3 orange, with one flashing orange and green.

Not sure what else to try after doing multiple reinstalls on both machines. It can see the USB2DMX but refuses to output DMX. All recent windows updates have been installed.

Any ideas?



The routing is only for internal ports on the M2GO/M1/M6 so this is correct.


Ok, so if it is functioning correctly, then it should have two orange LEDS with one flashing orange/green correct?


This seems like NOT all Windows Updates files have yet to be installed… It seems like this is what you are experiencing:

It may take some time, before the next batch of updates will be installed…

You can easily test your system by installing ArtNetominator via Loopback. In M-PC, detect the Loopback adapter. Set it to EtherDMX. Make sure ArtNet is enabled.

Launch ArtNetominator. You should see your Loopback IP on the top left corner. If you see no green values sent from MPC, then this is the issue explained in the above link. Wait for further Windows Updates

If ArtNetominator detect M-PC DMX values, than this is likely an M-PC USB driver issue


Yeah looks like it was an update issue. Windows was not showing any more updates but must have been updating in the background. After leaving M-PC running and everything connected for a while it just started working on the W10 laptop.

Cheers, for the help.